Tarzanite is Unknown Cake's Gemsona.

Backstory Edit

She is a Kindergarten Gem. She didn't like being used as a weapon. So she left for a more peaceful place. She found Earth. The end!


A crappy art of Tarz made by UC

See the photoz for what she looks like

Weapon & Abilities Edit

Her weapon is a mallet, which she can change the size of. She can also summon a gun. Like all Kindergarten Gems, she has a spin dash attack. She can summon a shield-like bubble if she thinks about certain things. 

Personality Edit

She is a tomboyish, go with the flow type. She's always up for an adventure! However


More crappy art.

she is also somewhat insane, paper-whale obsessed and friends with Peridot.

Fusions With Her Edit

My friend's fanon Sugilite can fuse with her to create Iolite. She and Xenotime can fuse into Axinite. She and Peridot can fuse to form Amazonite. Last but not least, Kunzite and Tarzanite create Tanzanite.

Trivia Edit

  • She eats and sleeps.
  • Her favorite food is pie
  • ONLY Unknown Cake can roleplay with her!
  • (On the SUrp + no rulez wiki) she was once trapped on the Shadow Realm with Xenotime. To prevent anyone on the SR recognizing them they had to fuse out spite and lock the fusion together with a modification to a G.E.M. Control Band.
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